Monday, 30 March 2009

24-Mar to 30-Mar

This weeks events:
- A little bit of excitement! On Friday our social worker called to say she has tried to contact the social workers for both groups of children, to advise them that we are interested. She hasn't had a response from S and 2 siblings' social worker but she has from H and 2 siblings'! They said we were top of their list and that there was only one other couple being considered. There is a meeting on Tuesday (31st) to decide who, if any, they are going to visit. Our s/w said that we should be prepared for a visit, as they apparently loved our profile (what isnt there to love? lol)
- These children have suffered neglect (poor lil mites) but other than that are happy, healthy and cute :) Our s/w doesn't forsee any issues with them (other than the usual care / adoption-related issues.) The middle child might present the most issues as he was angry when he went into foster care, but he is managing much better now.
- We still have a few hurdles to jump, e.g. they may not come and visit or they may not like us when they visit us. So, for now it's looking good, yay! We have been so frustrated with the time and the process recently, so it's nice to have a glimmer of hope.

Home and garden update:
- Nothing to report.

Car update:
- We were a bit norty today and went window-shopping for cars. We looked at two in particular. There is one that is hot fave at the moment, as it has sliding doors. There is also a sweet 0% finance deal which might sway us into buying a new one :) We are spending the last few months making the most of my car; hubby's car to stay with us.

To do list:
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen.
- Blinds to be put up in kitchen and dining room.
- Yes, we know those two have been on our list for ages, maybe the next bank holiday we'll get our act into gear!

We are both studying to further our careers:
- Mary is doing an NVQ level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development, passing all assignments with Distinction so far!
- Mungo is doing an OU degree in Computing, he has 30 points so far and is working on two courses this year, 30 points each: 'Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies' and 'Object-oriented programming with Java.' Next year he will be doing a 60 point course. He is currently passing his coursework with flying colours!