Monday, 4 May 2009

28-Apr to 4-May

This week's update:
- We are still awaiting a phone call about three sibling groups that our social worker is working on. Might call her for an update on Friday morning if we haven't heard anything by then.
- Wednesday: Our social worker gave us some further info on the two sets of children from 'N' and 'L'. They both sound like children we would be prepared to adopt - given the brief information we have. Mary said that we would need to see the paperwork and a photo before we agreed to anything further. Both sets of siblings are complicated in that there are time delays due to legal or assessment issues; so a long road ahead of us, if we decide on either of them.
- We have still heard nothing from the social workers for S+2 . Our social worker mentioned that there was a possibility that they may be looking at other couples first. We agreed that we would give it another week and then drop them off our radar - so to speak! It does not stop them contacting us in the future and if we are still looking then we would be very interested.
- Saturday: We received a copy of the profiles of the children from 'N' and 'L', one of which has photos. The profiles are like A4-sized adverts; they are bright, colourful and full of meaningless phrases like "the foster carers say they are a delight to care for." But is does give you a bit of an insight to what they are like - and photos are a must. The paperwork which gives you all the details (and I mean ALL) is called the CPR. We haven't had those for either set of children yet.

Home and garden update:
- Mary is awaiting Friday when the new cleaner comes and does their first clean - assuming they don't cancel beforehand!
- Friday: The cleaner has arrived! She arrived early! She seems very nice and right on my level :) She did a good clean and we are taking her on permanently - yay!

Car update:
- It's decided! The car that is for us! A second-hand of the type we want is about the same cost as Mary's car so we won't need to put anything towards it - which is a billy-bonus!
- We have also decided to get Mary's cherished number plate put on retention as soon as we are matched, as it's just a car journey to get it done immediately. Otherwise it is weeks of paperwork and the timings might get messed up. Mungo will then get it advertised and sold privately.
- We are spending as much time as possible making the most of Mary's car; Mungo's car is to stay with us.

To do list:
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen; to be done when we are matched and before introductions. They are now purchased and sitting in a drawer awaiting attachment.
- The blinds are up! Yay, well done Mungo :)

Studying update:
- Mary: has sent in her 4th assignment and has started the 5th (of 10), on the course Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3.
- Mungo: T175 (Networked Living). 4th assignment submitted, 1 left to go then the course is done (end-May) ... and M255 (Java Programming) first assignment submitted, no result yet, course finishes October.