Monday, 27 April 2009

21-Apr to 27-Apr

This week's update:
- We are still awaiting a phone call about three sibling groups that our social worker is working on. The info given to date is a bit sketchy on the first two:
- Social workers from a place called 'N' have a sibling group of three in mind for us. We have seen no paperwork so don't know if they are what we are looking for. They are carrying out a sibling assessment to see if all three should be adopted together. They have concerns about the middle child suffering from 'middle-child syndrome' so it's not cut and dried. This assessment will take six or so weeks, so they are very much on the back burner.
- Social workers from a place called 'L' have a sibling group of three who are all under 4! The oldest had suffered an incident at 4 or 6 months, then at 3 and 1 the oldest two were taken into care. The youngest has been in care since birth. As it stands, we are the only couple being looked at - but as we know from bitter experience this means diddly squat!
- If you cast your mind all the way back to our update of '17-Mar to 23-Mar' we mentioned S and 2 siblings. We had and read their paperwork and are still happy to go ahead with them. Our social worker has finally had contact from their social worker, who is now on a two week holiday.... (Grrr...) The good news is they have had and are reading our paperwork, so we are still in the running. I said at the time that this group are ruling my heart, so they are my faves - until we read the profiles of the others that is!
- G&F are planning a house conversion and are raring to go, their social worker is starting family-finding for them.
- R&A are preparing for their little girl's homecoming tomorrow (Wednesday) :)

Home and garden update:
- Mary is interviewing a 4th cleaning company tomorrow. I really don't know what to expect this time!

Car update:
- We are spending the last few months making the most of Mary's car; Mungo's car to stay with us.
- There is a car that is still hot fave with us. We still have to get Mary's cherished number plate on retention as soon as we make any decisions.

To do list:
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen; to be done when we are matched and before introductions. They are now purchased and sitting in a drawer awaiting attachment.
- Blinds to be put up in kitchen and dining room. they are sitting in the kitchen waiting to be put up.

Studying update:
- Mary has yet to start her fourth assignment (of 10) on the course Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3.
- Mungo: T175 (Networked Living)... just submitted 4th assignment, 1 left to go then the course is done (end-May) ... and M255 (Java Programming) first assignment submitted, no result yet, course finishes October.