Tuesday, 4 May 2010

04-May 2010

Rest day ha haaa!  We were out of the house at 8.30 for the review meeting on our rest day.  It went really well, the foster carer was ace, she gave good and positive feedback.  We and she just cannot believe how well intros have gone and we are expecting it all to go pear shaped at some point soon!  Or maybe it's just meant to be this great.  The FC did point out that they rarely ALL have off days as the same time, so when one is grumpy the others are usually fine.  Everything is still set for them to move in on Thursday :D !!!!!  It can't come soon enough!

so our rest day was a 7.30 alarm call, a meeting over there, back home, finalising shopping, washing, gardening and a review with our social worker (who couldn't make the morning meeting) until 6pm!

Saw them for an hour today, it was very hard to leave.  Tidge screamed the house down when we left, Midge sulked and Squidge wasn't too happy either!  When we got home I got really emotional about having left them and had a few tears of my own.

We don't need to be there until 11 tomorrow, so we do have a bit of a lie-in - our last one for some time!  My sore throat is getting better, so let's hope it's gone by the morning!

03-May 2010

Well, what a week! Best week of our lives - ever! we are just so lucky that we found these children, they are amazing and beautiful and funny and happy! call me biased, I know :D

oh and i never thought i would love anyone more than my husband but there are three little people who might be just a little bit higher in my affections than him!

We were up at 5.30 to get there by breakfast and do the feeding, then dressed and out to come home - without FC!  its was a rainy day so we staying in for the morning.  we visited the new bedrooms again and Tidge seems to have accepted her new bed and wardrobe. Midge is saying 'my bed', 'my new home', and '[name of FC]'s house', this is brilliant, we are so pleased!  Mumma prepared the new curtains and made the beds whilst Daddy sorted the curtain poles. lovely domesticated bliss :D

we then spent the rest of the morning playing with cars.  They play so well together, Midge is a bit boisterous but generally they follow instructions very well.

we made the mistake of telling Midge what he was having for lunch and he said he didn't want it, then he refused to eat it and said he didn't like chicken nuggets. the irony is that chicken nuggets was what he had wanted the other day, which he didn't get and then stropped about not getting them! u gotta larf! the other two ate well and then we all had fruit for dessert. daddy and i are eating much more healthily, at the right times and reducing our portion sizes. we think we have nearly nailed the eating routine, FC says give them a massive breakfast, cos they will ALWAYS eat then and then if they are fussy in the day u wont worry so much.

In the afternoon it was a bit dryer so we took them into the garden to play with the outdoor toys that we have been very generously given by friends. at first we started interacting like we did the other day, then remembered to let them get on with it! midge had a difficult time at one point and Mumma had to intervene, there were tears from him and it was upsetting for all three of us (the little two were playing) but we got there. Mumma and Midge had a kiss and a cuddle to make it all okay. FC says they don't hold a grudge, once they have sulked or screamed they happily get on with it.

Daddy and Mumma got a bit niggly with each other (out of earshot) but that's not surprising given the amount of sleep we have been getting lately. i think we have done very well considering everything we have been thru! its brought us closer together for sure, because we are thinking as a couple not as individuals - but that's what the adoption process forces you into. we are both loving it and feeling happy

We took them back to FC for tea, bed and bath-time routine, Midge stropped because he only had two bedtime stories. we then had a long chat with FC about progress and the lack of concern showed by any social worker. we haven't heard from any social worker in the whole week. as we were talking, our social worker texted me - her ears were obviously burning then!  We didn't leave there until gone 8 and then it was more or less straight to bed when we got home.

Today (Tuesday) is our rest day. I say 'rest' but we have to be back over to near the FC for our review meeting at 9.30, we pop in to see the kiddiewinks for an hour and then have a visit from our social worker at our place at 4pm. we also have to buy a present for the FC and catch up with household chores like washing and some shopping bits. no rest for us then! to top it all, Mumma woke up at 4.45 with a raging sore throat and couldn't get back to sleep :(