Wednesday, 28 April 2010

28-Apr 2010

Mummy and Daddy arrived at 11.30 and the children were excited to see us, especially Midge who was bouncing off the walls again!  We played with the cars and their toys that we gave to them as presents yesterday.  The foster carer told us that she had to tell off Midge and Tidge last night because they took the toys to bed and kept themselves awake playing with them!  Both of them are attached to them and won’t let them go – so we are very happy!  Squidge has a little interest in his, but being 18 months old his attention span isn’t the same as the other two!

We had lunch and saw the children eating sandwiches and crisps very, very nicely.  Midge had Marmite and ham sandwiches!  Then we went to the park with the FC.  On the way, Squidge face-planted the pavement, luckily for Mummy and Daddy it was whilst he was holding onto the FC's hand!  Poor little lamb, his teeth went through his top lip and it bled for ages :((  Because we were only going to be out for a while none of us had brought bags / handbags and so none of us had any tissues.  The FC wiped up the blood with her cardigan!  Today’s Lesson Learned: ALWAYS have a tissue or seven handy!

We went to two parks and found wasps at the second one, which Midge didn’t like at all – neither did Mummy, and she was very brave batting them away from Midge.  We played and played for ages, climbing up the big steps and sliding down the big slide!  Climbing up the big steps and sliding down the big slide!    Climbing up the... well, you get the picture!  Daddy did a brilliant job making sure they walked up the steps safely and slid down carefully!  We were out for probably about two hours and were pooped by the time we got back to the house.

We got to see Tidge and Midge sulking today, so it is good to know how they all deal with disappointment.  Mummy asked for her camera back from Tidge, who didn't want to let it go and then sulked for 15 minutes.  Midge sulked for a few minutes when he got told off by Mummy for both running off and running out of the playground without asking.  Baaaaad Mummy!

Tidge was reluctant to be near Daddy yesterday but after a short while this morning she was going to him for cuddles and things, so that has worked out brilliantly.  Midge just bounces all over us, which needs to be monitored, so we shall see how he settles in when he comes home.  He seems happy to call us mummy and daddy and he responds well when the FC calls us that too.  Squidge is attached to the hip of the FC and always goes to her, he strops when he can’t see her.  We see this as our biggest issue to deal with over the next few days – and to be fair we knew it would happen, it’s just brought it home to us actually seeing it.  It is going to be very confusing for him and he shall have to have a bit of tough love until we get him home.

We ran out of time and had to rush away at 3.30, which we felt terrible about.  We had to meet with our social worker to give her an update and get Daddy’s car from the garage.  So we felt like we had done a runner!  Midge knew we were coming back tomorrow, so he was fine.  Tidge didn’t want us to go and Squidge just waved at us lol

Overall we had a much more relaxed day and we are very happy! xx