Wednesday, 24 March 2010

24-Mar 2010

Mungo phoned our social worker after hearing nothing and she was very matter of fact about it and said it was manageable. she hadn't heard from children's s/w who was going to speak with bf yesterday and then going to call her so its all gone a bit flat.  So I sent an email to our s/w asking lots of questions and she rang me saying she's going to meet with us on Tuesday and get either the children's s/w or the family finding s/w to come out and talk to us about it.

Both our and their social workers don't seem that bothered - probably because they can smell the money!  but who knows what panel might think and who knows if we think we can manage it on a daily basis? no-one seems bothered about that!  So I'm still confused and not really sure what's happening now, Mungo is very dubious about the whole thing too. Urgh.

We have received and sent back the forms for means testing.  The LA that we are applying through do not automatically give out an adoption allowance even for three siblings so they means-test you.  You basically have to give every piece of financial information to them for them to decide whether you will get anything.  It could range from a few pounds a week to hundreds and will continue until the children are 18, in full time education or until your circumstances change.  We are not expecting to get anything but if you don't ask you don't get, so we shall see.