Monday, 20 April 2009

14-Apr to 20-Apr

This weeks events:
- We are still awaiting a phone call about H+2. We hope to hear by the end of the week. Neither of us are expecting good news :(
- R&A start their introductions on Thursday, yay! Oops that should say Wednesday, got the date wrong.
- Okay so here's the news we were expecting but not wanting. Our social worker rang today (17th) to say the children H+2's social workers will be going with the third couple :(
- As one door closes, another one opens. Our social worker also told us about three other sibling groups that she is working on. No firm details yet, but as soon as we hear anything I'll update here.
- Went round to R&A's house for celebratory drinks, their little one is coming home to stay next Wednesday! How quick is that? They are beaming :) They showed us some photos and talked about their last few 'whirlwind' days. We shall be learning from them now!

Home and garden update:
- We had a phone call from the potential cleaner at the weekend, she has decided she has enough jobs already so cancelled coming round Monday (14th). This leaves us without a cleaner again! What does it take? I thought people would be snapping up work, not turning it down. Are we still in that recession or did it pass me by already???

Car update:
- We are spending the last few months making the most of Mary's car; Mungo's car to stay with us.
- There is one ccar that is still hot fave with us. We still have to get Mary's cherished number plate on retention as soon as we make any decisions.

To do list:
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen; to be done when we are matched and before introductions. They are now purchased and sitting in a drawer awaiting attachment.
- Blinds to be put up in kitchen and dining room. they are sitting in the kitchen waiting to be put up.

Studying update:
- Mary has passed her 3rd assignment with another A - Distinction. That's now three out of three! She has yet to start her fourth assignment.
- Mungo has one assignment to do before he finishes his latest course.