Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Stop offering me a blanket, when I feel icy cold
Stop making me feel young at heart, when I feel frail and old
Stop hugging me with tender arms, when I am oh so sad
Stop soothing me with gentle words, when I am raging mad

Stop putting pieces together, when I have to fall apart
Stop making friends with me, when we are miles apart
Stop giving me the strength I need, when I feel so very weak
Stop showing me the glowing map, when the road ahead is bleak

Stop guiding and protecting me, when I lose my way
Stop reminding me why I am here, when I want to call it a day
Stop pulling away the darkness, when I can’t find a light
Stop being there for each of us, in the middle of the night

Stop understanding everything, that no-one else could know
Stop quieting and calming, when I feel like I could blow
Stop building all those bridges, when I’ve never seen your face
Stop forgiving all my ranting, when I forget my poise and grace

Stop showing your compassion, when I grieve for what is lost
Stop checking to see if I’m okay, when I feel I’m not worth the cost
Stop giving me your counsel, when I don’t know where to turn
Stop reaching out that lifeline, when I want to fall and burn

Stop telling me of your great times, which make me cry with joy
Stop regaling me with stories, of your forever girl or boy
Stop cheering and applauding me, when I am really glad
Stop sending me best wishes, when DH is now a Dad

Stop celebrating and rejoicing, when baby’s at my chest
Stop calling me Mum or Mummy, when my children say it best
Stop selfless deeds; stop being kind, just stop for once and all
Just don’t stop your humanity; don’t let it stop at all

This is for all my friends on the Adoption UK message boards xxx