Monday, 6 April 2009

31-Mar to 6-Apr

This weeks events:
- We had a phone call from our social worker today about the meeting that went ahead on Tuesday regarding potential parents for H+2. They discussed our info and we are really strong contenders. Part way through the meeting they were advised of a couple living nearer the children who have just been approved for 3 children aged 6 and under. As they are closer to the children and are more likely to be able to provide a better cultural reflection of their birth family, they have decided to put us (and the other couple) on hold for now until they can meet up with this new couple. Once they have decided if they are going to go ahead with the couple they will let us know.
- Naturally, we are disappointed and a bit let down by the system again. But we are not totally surprised. And if this couple are just as good as us in every other respect then for sure they will be chosen. So, we are assuming that this is a dead lead and are thinking about the other set of children S+2 and what we can do to progress those. Our social worker has still had no contact from their social workers.
- Mary and Mungo are really please to hear R&A's excellent news :) Well done you two! What a rollercoaster huh? We are also awaiting G&F's news...

Home and garden update:
- Nothing to report.

Car update:
- We are spending the last few months making the most of my car; hubby's car to stay with us.

To do list:
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen.
- Blinds to be put up in kitchen and dining room.
- Yes, we know those two have been on our list for ages, maybe this bank holiday we'll get our act into gear!