Monday, 15 June 2009

09-Jun to 15-Jun

- Sibling group of 3 from 'L': we have read their paperwork and there are some great common features between them and us, like family names and so on. They are definitely of interest to us. We have heard from our social worker that there is to be a meeting on Friday to discuss four couples (including us). So much for us being the only couple they are interested in!
- We have now had two meetings with our social worker about a sister and brother from 'D'. Their case is so harrowing and complex that we have had to read all their information at our social worker's office, so that there is support available to us. We have discussed the information we have read and we are happy to proceed and offer them all the support they will need for the rest of their lives.
- We are also awaiting contact from social workers regarding:
  • Three from 'N'
  • Two from 'Nr'
  • Three from 'H'
  • Two from 'Le'
Work update:
- Mary is working part time / casually at her local primary school as a Breakfast Club / Afterschool Club Playworker, Lunchtime Supervisor, Teaching Assistant and Treasurer for the Afterschool Club Committee. She has an appointment to see the headteacher on Monday to discuss a permanent role, as the adoption wheels are grinding so slowly.
- The course that Mary is studying will help increase her salary in some of those roles and will give her more flexibility and choice in the future
- Mungo is working full time in a permanent IT managerial job and has been in his current role for over a year. His company, and indeed the MD, are very supportive of our plans and we feel they will be so when he needs to take time off during introductions and settling in. The company is based nearby and is flexible in its approach to home working and time off for meetings and so on
- The course thatMungo is studying will provide him with more opportunities for roles inside and out of the company and provide a secure furture for him, mary and our long awaited Midges!

Home and garden:

- We are still looking for a new cleaner.
- Cupboard safety catches for kitchen; to be attached when we are matched and before introductions.

- We will be looking to purchase a nearly new car when we are matched with children. Mungo's car is to stay with us, as we can put car seats in the back when we take the children out separately.

- Mary: Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3 - Received a B in her 4th assignment, has nearly completed her 5th (of 10)
- Mary: passed her NVQ 2 in Basic Food Hygiene - a requirement of working in an afterschool club environment
- Mungo: T175 (Networked Living) - 4th assignment submitted, score was 82% and his final assignment (ECA - End of Course Assessment) was submitted on the 21st May
- Mungo: M255 (Java Programming) - first assignment submitted, score was 79% and his second assignment is due for submission on 4th June.