Sunday, 18 October 2009

Break before we break

After another knockback Mary has decided to take a break from blogging and the AUK message boards.  It is all getting too much for now.  We will still carry on family finding and we hope to continue the blog when we have firm and good news.  For now having to recieve and then give bad news so often is draining both of us.  We are going away for Mary's birthday in a few weeks time and then there's the dreaded Cristmas and New Year being on our own - again.  Maybe the new year will bring fresh optimish and a fresh start.

For now, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read this blog, to those who have commented and to those who have been there on the end of the phone, computer or in person when we needed them.  I will be publishing comments for those of you who wish to leave any but it is unikely that I will be adding any new posts for now.

So long, and the very best of luck in your adoption journeys.


Family finding:
We had feedback from our social worker regarding the meeting on the 13th.  They liked us very much indeed but felt that the other couple had more experience of a medical issue than we did, so they have gone with them.  They have said that they have a group of children who are likely to be available for adoption in the new year and would like to consider us for them.  Our social worker said she would bear it in mine.  There is, after all a long period of time between now and then where anything can happen.  Our social worker has given us details of another set of children and would like to visit us on the 30th October.  This is one of the social workers that we sent our profile out to, so it obviously works!  Mungo is reading the paperwork right now and Mary had already formed an opinion as to what she woudl like to do.  I think our social worker feels that it may be too soon after this last knockback and she feels that maybe we are just going with each of these meetings because they have been requested rather than because we like the children.  So we need to think carefully about what we are going to do next.

So to recap: Group one - meeting on 30th October.  Group two - family finding underway mid November.  Group three - family finding to start in January. 

Mary's courses: Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3 - half way through number 6 (of 10). Nutrition and Health of School Aged Children, NVQ Level 2 - passed with a Distiction - yayyy!

Mungo's courses: M255 (Java Programming) – fourth and final assignment score was a massive 94%!!!  Well done Mungo!  The exam date was 14th October - awaiting result.  MT264 (Designing Applications With Visual Basic) – course started 3rd October.