Tuesday, 13 April 2010

13-Apr 2010

I think it is finally starting to sink in that we are going to be parents.  We do still keep having to pinch ourselves from time to time.  So we have been shopping!  I have been buying all sorts of things online and tomorrow will be buying from real life shops too!  My changing bag arrived today - from Pink Lining.  It is GORGEOUS!  If you are looking for a treat and a practical and smart bag then look them up.  We also got a nappy bin and cartridges (thanks R for the tip!), a heat sensitive bath mat, purple spotty muslins and a changing mat.  The two best and cheapest sites we have found are kiddicare.com (not kiddiecare.com which is a US site) and preciouslittleone.com.  As I was unpacking it all, like a kiddie on Christmas Day, a neighbour who I used to work with popped over with about 30 books and some toys and nursery rhyme cassettes!  I have also been onto Facebook and begged my friends for cast-offs and have been inundated with offers.  I am totally shocked and amazed at everyone's generosity!

We got a form in the post from the Local Authority who we are adopting through, asking us to give feedback on how panel went.  I would really like one to fill in asking us to give feedback on how matching with these three children went!  But we will be professional, and anyway we might need them again in the future!

My (Mary's) car gets picked up today by the new owners :'(  I know I am going to blub, just like I did when Mungo told me it was sold.  We went out in it for the last time last night, very sad occasion.  It has served us well and we have had so much fun and happiness in it.  It has taken us to some wonderful places and has never let us down.  It has been a part of the family for six years and today is a sad day.

On a happier note, I get to pick up my new car on Sunday, yayyy!!!  It's a seven-seater with sliding doors, so it will be great for the kids.  As soon as we pick it up we will be off to the shops to pick up the wardrobes and beds that we have earmarked.

Paperwork!  We have also handed in our application form for a place at our chosen school, sent off the application form for child benefit payments and spoken with the Child Trust Fund team.  We have also spoken with our dentist, doctor and optician about how we register the children as new patients.  We learned something new: children don't need to get their eyes tested until they are 5!  Of course that is unless they have eye sight issues, which our children don't.  So there you go, we didn't know that!

About three weeks ago I finished my NVQ3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development and I got a Distinction, getting top marks in all ten assignments.  I am so thrilled and pleased that I finally got through it - with a lot of pushing from Mungo I might add.  Without him I wouldn't have finished it.  So here's a big THANK YOU to Mungo!  Sooooooo now what do I do in my spare time?  I have taken up crochet and crocheted a baby blanket.  Actually its only a small one made out of 30 squares so really it's a doll's blanket!  But I don't care because I actually MADE something!  Now I have got to think what to do for my next project.