Thursday, 18 March 2010

15-Mar 2010

The meeting on Friday went very well indeed.  We met the foster carer and Midge's nursery school teacher.  They had loads to tell us and answered all our questions.  The teacher brought Midge's file with her of all the work he has done since he has been there and we got to see lots of photos of him doing his work and seeing how he writes his name.  We even got to keep a copy of the DVD - which we are not allowed to have but I think they have taken pity on us as the process has taken so long!

It was great to finally meet the foster carer and for her to share stories with us of what they are like.  It really feels like it is all falling into place and the children are more real than they have ever been.  I watched the DVD four times in a row when we got home!

When the meeting finished we had to be 'escorted' out the back of the building because birth Mum arrived at the front of the building for her meeting with them!  Our social worker has given us approximate dates for introductions, which are likely to start as soon as 11 days after matching panel.  You have to wait up to 10 days for the Decision marker to make their final decision before introductions can start.  So we could have them permanently home with us by the first week in May!  When we got home we felt so high and like it was all coming together at last!