Sunday, 2 May 2010

02-May 2010

It was another early morning, picked by Daddy to come to visit the house for the first time, along with FC.  We played with some toys they brought over (and then left here) and we spent quite a bit of time telling Squidge not to touch things in the lounge, so we need to have a think about whether to change it about or leave it and take the pain of constant ‘no’s’.  They loved their rooms, Midge wanted to go to sleep in his new bed!  FC thought they were great too and thought they would be very happy in them.

Then it was time for lunch: a shepherd’s pie, lovingly prepared by Mumma.  And you know what?  None of them touched it  :(  Midge did eventually eat his though, it took over an hour, because he ate his peas one at a time!!  Then we had fruit and yoghurt and they lapped it up!  So I guess at least they had something healthy to eat.  Then we had a lovely afternoon playing cars on the carpet.  Unfortunately, because of the heavy rain it was too wet to go and play in the garden, so we were a little bit stir crazy in the house.  But compared to the size of the FC’s house we did pretty well!

Daddy made sandwiches for tea, and Mumma made her famous five minute chocolate cake, which went down very well.  Lesson Number Four:  Serve up hot food and THEN get them to wash their hands, so that the food has time to cool down!  We realised it was getting very late so Mumma drove them home and brought back MORE toys!

Someone mentioned today that we must be exhausted.  I replied, “Exhausted? That's putting it mildly lol!  After yesterday's activities I found muscles hurting this morning that I didn't know I had! We have to be out of here by 6.15 tomorrow morning to pick them up and bring them home, then will be taking them back, doing the bedtime routine and won't be leaving there until at least 7pm!”

Four more sleeps until they are home for good – we are itching to keep them at home now, it can't come soon enough!