Saturday, 1 May 2010

01-May 2010

We picked up our gorgeous little squirts at 9.30 this morning.  The FC says they are already transferring their affections: when she woke up Squidge this morning she asked if he wanted to go out with Mumma and Daddy and he said nah, so she asked if he wanted to go out with her and he said NAH!  So she asked again if he wanted to go out with Mumma and Daddy and he said yeah!  Tidge doesn’t like loud noises and when the washing machine started to spin loudly before we arrived she cried for ”Mumma” and didn’t want FC!

We drove them back to our home town and a children’s play centre nearby.  We chose this particular one as it is more expensive that the others nearby – seeing as Social Services are paying all our introductions expenses, we might as well take full advantage!

We had our first meal on our own with them and at last Squidge had more than a couple of mouthfuls!  Mumma made her second mistake by giving Midge too many choices.  He couldn’t decide so Mumma asked if he was happy for her to chose for him and he said yes, so she said okay you can have fish fingers.  Daddy went and ordered but by that time Midge didn’t want fish fingers he wanted chicken nuggets.  So we had a sulky boy who didn’t eat his fish fingers!  Lesson Number Two:  Only give them two choices not six!

Mumma and Daddy played and played and played on all the equipment and had a very enjoyable, if tiring, time!  Lesson number three:  Don’t automatically believe Tidge when she says she can’t pull herself around in the Little Tykes car – because after Mumma and Daddy did it for hours and then had a rest, she promptly carried on herself – hmmmm!

Then it was back to FC for tea (lasagne!) and the full bath-time routine.  We read bedtime stories and put them to bed.  Mumma and daddy then drove home a car load of toys!  We are tired and achy, and very much falling in love with them!  It was great being a typical family on a day out - literally a dream come true.  We are very happy - another fantastic day :D xxxxx