Tuesday, 31 March 2009


- Possible interest in S and two siblings. Our social worker has read their profiles and there doesn't seem to be anything that we can't handle. We have received the profiles and are reading them at the moment.
- We also have received profiles on another sibling group of three: H and 2 siblings. Again, we haven't read the info yet.
- We have a meeting with our social worker on Monday 23rd March to discuss if either set might be suitable and decide what happens next.
- Mary has read through the profiles and is happy with both sets of kiddies.
- Had the meeting on 23rd and our social worker is also very happy with both groups, so we have asked her to progress our interest in them both. Yay! Feeling happier now, as the last three months without any movement has been taking its toll!
- We also discussed the length of time it has been since we saw her and how we don't feel that anything has been happening in the background. She is now going to tell us about every contact by email.
- Had a phone call from our social worker on 27th March, H and two siblings' social workers are very interested in us. They are holding a meeting on 31st to discuss whether to progress us as a potential link, so we hope to hear later that week.