Thursday, 22 April 2010

22-Apr 2010

Only five more sleeps!  Eek!

DVD.  In response to a thread on the AUK web site I posted a script of our DVD that we made for our little ones and thought it might be useful to share on here.  This is the DVD that the social worker and poster carers use to help the children get used to us before our first meeting.  We didn't film the bedrooms because we had to shoot this before matching panel.  As we weren't allowed to buy anything before MP the rooms were empty, so we made it a guessing game for them.

Location Paper and photo with "Hello Midge, Tidge and Squidge, from your forever Mummy and Daddy."
Camera Film for 5 seconds

Location Mary and Mungo standing outside the front door of the house, wearing shoes and jackets.  DO NOT FILM THE HOUSE NUMBER
Mungo Hello Midge, hello Tidge, hello Squidge. I am Mungo and this is Mary.  We are your forever Daddy and Mummy.
Mary This is the house where we live.  This is your new home where we will all live together.
Both Waving to the camera.
Camera Zoom in to our smiling faces.
Camera Stop.

Location Shoe rack in hall
Mungo Here is where your shoes will live, so when you take them off they go here.  Let's Daddy take off his shoes.  [Mungo takes off his shoes and puts them on the rack]  See, Midge, there is plenty of space for your shoes.
Mary [Walking to cloakroom]  Here is the place where we all hang our coats.  Shall Mummy take off her coat?  [Mary takes off her coat and hangs it up]  Look Tidge, can you see where you can hang your coat?
Camera Stop.

Location Kitchen
Mungo [Making two bowls of Cheerios]  Here we are in the kitchen where Daddy is making the breakfast.  Mummy is having a bowl of Cheerios.  Squidge, do you like Cheerios?
Mungo Now Daddy has finished making the breakfast, I wonder where shall we eat it?  Midge, shall we sit at the table and eat it?
Camera Pans to table with Mary already seated.
Mungo [Off camera]  Oh look, Mummy is sitting at the table ready to have her breakfast.  [Walk to table with the bowls]
Mary Thank you Daddy, mmmm, very nice.  [Takes a mouthful of cereal]
Camera Stop.

Location Camera walking through the lounge looking at the TV with 'Dora the Explorer' on it.  Then moving to the fish tank, pause for a moment and then outside into the garden.  Mary and Mungo are sitting on chairs outside, with Duplo (tower), skittles and football.
Both Wave and smile at the camera
Mungo Here we are, Mummy and Daddy in the garden.  We will have lots of time playing games outside.  Midge do you like football?  [Picks up the football and kicks it around a bit]
Camera Pans to Mary at the skittles
Mary Tidge, would you like to play skittles with me?  [Throws the ball]
Camera Pans to Mungo at the Duplo tower
Mungo Look Squidge, look at the tower Daddy has built [continue building] do you think Daddy can make a tower as tall as you?  Wow, Mummy, isn't that a VERY tall tower?  [Mary comes over to look]
Mary Oh yes Daddy, a VERY tall tower indeed, well done!
Camera Stops.

Location Landing looking towards the bathroom.  Bath is full of suds and has their names in the sponge lettering around the top or on the tiles.
Mary Here is the bathroom.  What do we do in this room?  Yes we have baths in this room
Mungo Look the bath is ready with lots of bubbles.  (Surprised voice)  And look at the bath, whose are those names?
Mary [Reads the names]  Let's have a look Daddy: Squidge, Tidge, Midge.
Mungo [Yawns with hand over mouth]  Oh dear I am feeling sleepy.  After we have a bath it's time for bed and to go to sleep.  Mummy, is it time for everyone to go to bed now?
Mary Oh yes Daddy, it IS time for everyone to go to bed.  I wonder where all our bedrooms are?
Camera Pans to bedroom doors partially opened.
Mungo Well Midge, Tidge and Squidge, there are lovely bedrooms here just for you.  When you come here the first thing we are going to do is find out which of these rooms are your bedrooms.  I wonder if you will have the one on the left or the one on the right?

Location Paper with photo "Midge, Tidge and Squidge, we are your forever Mummy and Daddy."
Camera Film for 5 seconds.