Monday, 8 February 2010

08-Feb 2010

Today saw the visit of our social worker for the first time in ages - basically because there wasn't anything to meet about! Well now there is :D !!  We talked about the next step and the likely dates for introductions (early April).  We have meetings to attend and an introductions book to make.  This is the book that the children (who will get one each) will be given to introduce us to them.  The foster carer will be given them after matching panel, for her to use to help them to get used to us.  They will be the children's own books for them to use as much as they want.  We had lots of questions to ask and we had a lot of them answered.  There are some that the social worker and family finder will have to answer too.  And we have a list as long as your arm of questions for the foster carer!  Roll on 5th March!