Sunday, 18 October 2009

Break before we break

After another knockback Mary has decided to take a break from blogging and the AUK message boards.  It is all getting too much for now.  We will still carry on family finding and we hope to continue the blog when we have firm and good news.  For now having to recieve and then give bad news so often is draining both of us.  We are going away for Mary's birthday in a few weeks time and then there's the dreaded Cristmas and New Year being on our own - again.  Maybe the new year will bring fresh optimish and a fresh start.

For now, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read this blog, to those who have commented and to those who have been there on the end of the phone, computer or in person when we needed them.  I will be publishing comments for those of you who wish to leave any but it is unikely that I will be adding any new posts for now.

So long, and the very best of luck in your adoption journeys.


  1. We are so very sorry that they didn't go with you and mungo after all that you can offer as well.
    wwe will keep you in our prayers and hope that your children will be with you soon.
    keep in touch.
    Goose and Gander

  2. Hi Mary

    I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you whilst you take a well-deserved break from your blog and from the AUK website. I must admit I haven't been near the boards or other blogs in ages as I found I was getting too caught up in them and worrying about things I don't even need to worry about ... yet! Although I cannot fully understand your situation as I have not lived through it I can see why you need a break. I will nonetheless miss your very wise and positive words.

    Wishing you and Mungo all the very best xxx

    ps. if you do get a chance check out this allotment blog I have recently discovered - it's fabulous!

  3. Hi Mary
    Thank you for still reading my Blog i always look on yours.
    i hope that i can support you and you back while on this journey.
    I know your not publishing at moment but hope all is going well with youfinding the little ones.
    your thoughts are in our prayers
    All our love to you and Mungo
    Goose and Gander