Friday, 2 October 2009

29-Sep to 05-Oct

Family finding:
Sorry for no contact lately; we have been busy and Mary is feeling a bit deflated with it all, having a hard time and feeling like the stuffing has been knocked out of her.  We are going to ring our social worker on Wednesday or Thursday if we have heard nothing from her.  Mary has been chasing up some of those seven original proactive leads.  Two are dead leads as the children have been linked.  One has had no contact at all and we have decided not to continue.  One has had the original email opened but nothing further, we probably won't go with that one either.  The other three our social worker has received / swapped paperwork on.  An eighth group we saw on the online version of the publication had contacted us in early September to say they will start family-finding in a couple of weeks.

So in the mean time we have started two projects: 1)  A greenhouse / lean-to which we will buy and put up over the winter, when we have tidied up the garden and 2)  Camping!  Yes we have bought a load of stuff to go with the tent and the weekend after next we are going to do a dry run in the back garden!

01-Oct:  We received a phone call this morning from our social worker about the sibling group of two that she had phoned us about last week.  Their social workers want to meet us on the 13th October; they are also visiting another couple.  Yes we have been here three times before and every time we get the phone call a little bit less of me / us gets excited.

02-Oct:  Mary has chased up the online group as it has been more than two weeks since hearing anything.

Mary's courses: Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3 - half way through number 6 (of 10). Nutrition and Health of School Aged Children, NVQ Level 2 - sat exam on 16th September, awaiting result.

Mungo's courses: M255 (Java Programming) – awaiting the results of the fourth and final assignment; exam date is 14th October. MT264 (Designing Applications With Visual Basic) – course starts 3rd October.


  1. Aww, Mary hang on in there...I send you nothing but good positive vibes for the meeting on 13 October. Fingers crossed this will be the one lead that does go somewhere. I am thinking of you xxxx

    Excited for you too about the greenhouse and the camping - both wonderful projects to occupy your mind. Not a camper myself, but I know a little about greenhouses :)

  2. Hope the links are positive. Will be like a good pint of Guinness:slow to arrivebut well worth the wait!

  3. Hi ya
    So you have got a meeting on tuesday have written it on callendar not going to say them words. Hope you know what i mean Gander and i are both willing thatthese children have found there forever mummy and daddy
    All the best for the week.

    Green house YIKES just through many out too many spiders

    Don't think i've been camping in about ** years lol
    but i do love my caravan and it is on a lovely site it is 32 foot long 8 berth

  4. Thanks moonpig, yes we will definitely be asking lots of advice and sharing our stories of successful strawberries and curly cucmbers lol!

    yes lindyloodles, good analogy, thanks. they flaming well had better be worth the wait!

    Thanks goose and gander, I know exactly what you mean :)

    we have got the tent packed and ready to go for a dry run at the weekend - and here's hoping it IS dry!