Monday, 11 January 2010

11-Jan 2010

We had some news given to us on the 8th from an 'unofficial source' that the birth family has withdrawn their opposition to the adoption!  We think this is over and above the news we heard in November, but we are not sure, so we are a bit confused.

Our social worker rang Mungo today.  She said that the hearing on the 23rd December was very negative about the birth family.  She also said that it will all go quiet now (!) and we won't hear anything until after the final hearing on or after the 1st February. Then there will then be a flurry of activity and a very short time to get everything ready for Matching Panel.

So this update is very vague and quite anti-climactic.  We were expecting a gush of positivety but this has left us feeling rather deflated.  Which in a way is a bit silly because everything we have heard is positive.  But we are deflated, angry and fed up with this whole process.  It's really getting us down and we don't know how much more we can take.


  1. Hi If s.s have done all their work properly then even if the birth family oppose the adoption they would have to show very good evidence to support their case,believe me I know we were in same situ dec 2008 but it went to High court!Every day I feel sick at the thought that our cupcakes (who is already with us) birth mum is going to oppose the adoption in a few weeks(she was supposed to be adopted last july to someone else)all I can say please hang on in there I'm on msn most nights,it is important to talk to all of us in similar situation.It will go quiet till Feb and then it will be all systems go believe me.As I don't know the situation with you I can't really say anything of much help but believe me the courts will not mess these little ones about they are messed about far too much aren't they.keep strong,becky xx

  2. Hi mary this is fantastic news got fingers crossed for you xxxxxx

  3. Thinking of you both at this time. Big Hugs xx