Friday, 29 January 2010

29-Jan 2010

We have had a couple of phone calls from our social worker wanting the homework she asked us for in December.  Remember that she said in January we wouldn't be asked for it until after the Placement Order has been granted?!  But hey they have it all now.  The court hearing is due to start on Monday and it will be one day next week, we hope, that we find out if the Placement Order has been granted.  If it has, then we are planning to go to Matching Panel on the 5th March with introductions later in the month.  If it is not granted then we will have to assess what happens next, depending on the reasons for it not being granted.  Let's hope it's the former!

Friends of ours G&F have been visited by social workers about a child and are hoping to hear today if they are going to go forward with the match.  Fingers crossed!

R&A have now been to the Celebration Adoption Court Hearing earlier this month, which I was priviledged to be a part of.  It was a brilliant morning :)  they are now getting on the with task of being a happy family and not having and social workers visits - hurrah!

A&I are still waiting and waiting - we know how that feels!  They have snippets of news and flurries of activity but nothing concrete just yet.  We are rooting for you!

Goose and Gander are hoping to hear this month about being accepted and starting prep groups, let's hope you hear sooner rather than later!

Lindyloodles and co are knee-deep in home study and all the trials and tribulations that brings.  We feel for you, it's so intrusive isn't it?

Moonpiglet is having a home visit from social workers this month to decide if they will be accepted by the agency to go forward from prep groups and home study.  Let me know how it went!


  1. Wow! That's great news Mary! 5th March is not so far away at all! Fingers crossed that the Placement Order will be granted and it will be 'Full Steam Ahead' for you and Mungo xxxx

  2. Thanks for thinking of us in your post. Just this week had that sw meeting where sw attitude changes from interrogator to nice person trying to help us find a child (well, that is the way I interpreted it)- will post on my own blog about that later. But thanks for your support and will be keeping everything crossed for you that the PO is granted. xxx

  3. Hi Mary
    Thankyou for thinking of us when you have so much going on your self it was lovley of you .
    I will have my fingers crossed for you both.
    take care and keep in touch when you are a very busy mummy lol good luck