Friday, 5 February 2010

05-Feb 2010

THE CARE ORDER AND PLACEMENT ORDER HAVE BEEN GRANTED!!!!!   Wooo hooo!!!  You don't know how happy and relieved we are!!!

The final hurdle of matching panel is pencilled in for 5th March.  We have a meeting on Monday to plan meetings with foster carer, eldest's school, new social worker and pediatrician.  Hopefully, we will have all the meetings before matching panel.

Thanks everyone for all your support and best wishes.  Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!


  1. Meant to also say that in some ways this is a very sad day as there are some people who have just 'lost' their children / a niece and nephews / grandchildren / cousins. I am sparing a thought for them. xx

  2. Oh wow congratulation's finaly you there now your at the end and we are at the begining we have our meeting on 16 february which is only 10 days away love to you both

    love From Goose and Gander

  3. Fabulous news! So, so happy for you...Roll on 5th March xxxx

  4. This is fantastic news,so pleased,adoption is never an easy path to walk,but each time u stumble you know there are kind people around you to pick u up.Gentle Blessings to you both becky xx

  5. Really pleased for you. We have our prep course next week.