Wednesday, 5 May 2010

05-May 2010

Picked up our beautiful babies at 11 then back home for the day.  We had lunch, went to the park and the local shop - first outing for the pram, which worked a treat.  Midge has a habit of running off and not listening to us, so he spent some time holding Mumma's hand.  We bought flowers and a card for the foster carer, along with the photo frame and box of choccies we already had for her.  The children picked the flowers they wanted to give her - well, Midge did actually, as the others weren't paying attention,  When I say picked, I do mean chose from the bucket in the shop - not picked out of some random garden along the way lol  We met a friend of mine on the way back who said we all looked great walking together and she had tears in her eyes which started me off!  We then played in the garden and Daddy took lots of pictures.

Then we had dinner and they had their first bath in their new home, daddy read a bedtime story and then it was back to FC in their PJ's!  All of them fell asleep on the way back, so cute!  We had a cuppa with the FC and talked about the day.  She gave us a card and one for the children from her and one from the 'transport people' - the people who took the children to contact, etc.  We picked up all their clothes and the last remaining toys and bits.  The we came home, it was the last time we drove home without them.  We are picking them up tomorrow at 9.30 then bringing them home forever :D xxxxx


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope they don't find saying goodbye to FC too traumatic. It's very hard for them to say goodbye to the person who's cared for them for a while. Make sure you have thought of things to distract them on the way home and they may be upset. Best of luck. Tomorrow's the first day of your new life as a family!

  2. Hi, I've been following this over at AUK, but have found you here. Just reading it makes me fill up, remembering when was bought our girls home.

    The first time we found home coming day an almost indescribable mix of joyous and heartbreaking, which I really didn't expect.

    Good luck to you all, tomorrow and over the coming months of adjustment. I will keep on reading.