Thursday, 6 May 2010

06-May 2010

Post number 90 and my last post.

We picked them up at 9.30 and gave the FC a card, flowers, chocolates and photo frame from them.  We met their social worker and signed our lives away!  We picked up the last few bits and pieces, then said our goodbyes.  I thought I was going to blub big time but I didn’t.  FC held it together well, she is a strong lady!

We then drove home without a peep from them all - mainly due to Tom and Jerry on the car DVD!  We had a relaxing morning in the lounge playing with toys and then lunch of Midge’s favourite – sandwiches!  We popped to the shops to pick up some bits and then into the garden.  Midge didn’t follow Mumma’s instructions and so had to stay in with her for some time-in whilst she unpacked the shopping and tidied up.  A bit later on he said sorry of his own accord, so he is realising what is happening.  We then had tea – meatballs, sweetcorn and rice yummy!

Then we did the first full bath and bedtime routine here.  We chucked them all in the bath together and they all loved it.  They each chose a bedtime story and we read to them.  Then it was time for Squidge’s bottle and into bed for them all.  Midge wouldn’t stop talking, Tidge screamed for a while and needed Daddy’s hand for a while.  Squidge went off in 2 minutes flat!  We have sussed Midge and Squidge so we need to work on Tidge – but it’s only the first night!  Let’s hope they don’t wake until the morning – ha haa!

Thanks for all your support over these 10 days and the previous few years.  I have loved every minute of writing my blog.  We have had such fantastic feedback from you wonderful readers and if it wasn't for you all I might not have continued sometimes.  It has been a three year adoption slog on top of two years naturally trying and two years / four cycles of IVF.  We have had the worst journey bar none and many times I wondered if any of it was going to be worth it.  When I kissed our children goodnight tonight for the first time in their new beds in their forever home, the pain, heartache and blackness was wiped away in an instant.  We are a family at last.  Lots of love from Mary, Mungo, Midge, Tidge and Squidge xxxxx


  1. Enjoy each and every moment much love to you all from us at Angels are here xxxxxxxxx

  2. I can't believe that this will be the end of your blog! I have loved all the posts about the introductions and the way you describe what can only be a gorgeous family. Thank you for all the support you have given me over the last few months and I wish you all the very best for your future together.


  3. Sorry this is the last post on adoption i do hope that you write a blog about being an adoptive mother, thank you for all your help and i do hope that we reach where you are now
    all the best for the future
    Goose and Gander

  4. After 8 yrs of TTC, 4 rounds IVF, we are now embarking on adoption & have our prep course next month. I am searching for some relevant blogs to follow & happened upon yours.

    Just wanted to say congratulations & best wishes for your futures together x