Monday, 14 September 2009

08-Sep to 14-Sep

Family finding:
We have amended and updated our A4 profile and sent it out to seven social workers. We had one reply stating that the children have already been linked but he will keep our paperwork. Rang the second social worker, who advised that they are no longer taking enquiries for these children at this point. Two further emails were opened and we got a reply almost straight away from one of them and they are interested in us! Two social workers are on holiday and one email hasn't yet been opened. Early days still but at least some movement in the right direction! We feel much more in control now.

Wednesday: We had a phone call from our social worker, who advises that she has heard from one of the social workers that we hadn't (the one who had opened the email but not responded back to us) and they have swapped paperwork. She has also had some information from the social worker who contacted us, but it's not on the standard template, so she has asked that it be re-sent.
She has asked us not to do any more family finding (like that is going to happen!) as she has those two links she is working on; also, she is going on annual leave for two weeks. So the process grinds to a halt again, it's one hold-up after another, we are always waiting for someone else to do something.

Thursday: We spotted a sibling group of three that were just published in the online version of the publication that we have just subscribed to, so I have sent them our profile.

Home and cars:
The cleaner has finished all the spring cleaning in two 3-hour sessions!

Mary's courses: Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3 - half way through number 6 (of 10). Nutrition and Health of School Aged Children, NVQ Level 2 - exam date is 16th September, half way through the coursework.
Mungo's courses: M255 (Java Programming) – awaiting the results of the fourth and final assignment; exam date is 14th October. MT264 (Designing Applications With Visual Basic) – course starts 3rd October.

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  1. Hi Mary
    thanks for the big hug really needed it.
    it is looking good that you might be matched.
    hope it works this time for you and mungo ;-) xxxx