Monday, 21 September 2009

15-Sep to 21-Sep

Family finding:
We are awaiting our social worker to return from holiday to advise us if there has been any movement on four possibilities we are looking at. Mary was almost in the papers and on TV in the last couple of days following requests for people who are adopting. The newspaper reporter didn't ring back and the TV people decided to go with someone who had already adopted. Oh well, maybe another day; it was very exciting at the time though!

Tuesday PM: Last night I had a bit of a wobbler. Three things happened that made me get upset and made me feel like the universe was rubbing my face in it for being childless. 1). After the excitement I had with nearly being famous yesterday, I spent the afternoon thinking that it was flaming typical that a family with children was being chosen over someone without childen. It's hard enough being at the bottom of the 'child pile', but to be turned down for being childless wasn't really very helpful of the TV people, they didn't think that one through. 2).
I gave away a book I had been given by my nephews when they were really little. It's called, "Pregnancy, Conception and Childbirth." My sister bought it for me when we were trying to conceive. I had tried to give it away on Freecycle a year ir two before but no-one would take it. This time someone did, and when they came to pick it up they asked me if it had been useful. I found myself lying and saying how great it had been. I couldn't tell her the truth. 3). A few minutes later I found myself dealing with this: I bought something from eBay on 30th August and it hasn't arrived yet, so after repeated attempts to email and phone the seller, I started a case on their resolution centre. Never having done that before, I was nervous that I hadn't given them ample opportunity to respond so I gave them one last call. Lo and behold, they answered. They were not very forthcoming and kept making excuses about it never happening before, etc. Then they said they would ring the Post Office and call me back first thing (which they never did!). As her last remark, she said it had been very hectic because she was due to have a baby in a couple of weeks - red rag to a bull. It was all I could do to stop myself shouting something nasty down the phone at her. I won't type what I was thinking, but I guess anyone in a similar position to me knows darn well what it was! I did't realise being pregnant was on the list of reasons that ebay provides for non-delivery of items. Hmmm... So poor old Mungo got the brunt of it when he got home. I started off by saying I was feeling a bit uneasy, a bit jumpy and when I started to talk I just grabbed him and started crying into his chest. It doesn't help with it being a particular time in the month, so to speak (which always gets me upset) and I have got an exam tomorrow, so it's all got a bit too much for me.

Home and cars:
No updates.

Mary's courses: Childcare, Learning and Development, NVQ Level 3 - half way through number 6 (of 10). Nutrition and Health of School Aged Children, NVQ Level 2 - finished studying and half way through revision - exam date is 16th September - tomorrow!!
Mungo's courses: M255 (Java Programming) – awaiting the results of the fourth and final assignment; exam date is 14th October. MT264 (Designing Applications With Visual Basic) – course starts 3rd October.


  1. Big Hugs - this must be a very emotional time for you (all) and you just have to take deep breathes etc. Like you I seem to notice adoption / children everywhere now, and with the latest news of Elton John trying to adopt and jump the gun at that has made me FUME!

  2. Yes the Elton John thing made me fume too! It will be interesting to see if he will be 'given' the kid.

  3. Thanks for your big hugs, means a lot xx

  4. Hi Mary

    More cyber-hugs from me too - and the very best of luck for your exam tomorrow x

  5. Just came across your blog,lots of cyber hugs coming your way(((((BIG HUGS)))),I must start a blog about our journey too,things happen in life that really push us to our limits,be strong.It annoys me the whole system of adoption and they wonder why they lack adoptees!!Take care beckyxx

  6. Thanks moonpig, finished revising now - if i don't know something about "Nutrition and health of school aged children" then it isnt worth knowing lol

    Thanks becky, yes it's pushing my limits and some! never thought i had this much strength and sometimes it still doesnt feel enough. the system is awful and i can only hope that we all in our own ways can make it just that little bit better for the next person. Would REALLY love to hear your story, as i am sure everyone else would. it's so theraputic and I have had so much brilliant feedback from a lot of people, so i know its worth doing.

    mary xxx

  7. Hi Mary
    (((((((( Big Hug)))))) from goose and gander to mary and mungo.
    I Know what you mean about it all. I Had a teenager in shop today could not be more than 15 and was 7 months pregnant.
    BF and i where taking about adoption like we do most days but teenager asked if what was adoption so i told her and she then said" do you mean that you are defected is that why you can't have kids"her mum was there with her little brother and said oh don't mind her she 's pregnant.
    BF and guy who hair i was cutting just blow up at her i went and cried the big wos i am.
    We are all here with you on this one.

  8. Worried as I haven't seen your blog updated or heard from you on MSN for a while now - is all ok?

    Me x