Thursday, 29 April 2010

29-Apr 2010

Day three in the Big Bro.... I mean Mungo household lol  Today started early for Mungo as he had to travel an hour's drive away to pick up a wardrobe for Tidge, as our local store hasn't had any in stock for a while.  Mary had a lie-in, one of the last probably ever!  I hadn't slept very well last night because I was worrying about being on my own with the children.  We had lunch then went over to the foster carer's house.  Three bouncy children greeted us!  Tidge and Squidge were a bit shy at first and didn't engage very much.  I found that very hard, especially with the FC being stronger-voiced than me.  I felt out of my depth still.  After a short while, they felt more comfortable with us and I was taking charge more.  Squidge is now coming to us for cuddles, so we are very relieved.  It is still going to be hard for him to leave FC.  Midge is calling us Mumma and Daddy pretty much without exception and is even saying "my Daddy"!  Tidge is also calling us Muu and Daa lol

We decided to split our time so that Midge and Mungo played together for an hour or two and Mary, Tidge and Squidge played together with the FC watching on.  Then we swapped roles for a while.  Mungo took Tidge and Squidge out in the car to the local shops to get some batteries (or baaaarees as Midge calls them!) for his Ben 10 pinball game.

Midge showed us his special project that he has been working on with a social worker - it's his life story work.  He has cut-outs of the FC's house and our house, him, Tidge, Squidge, FC, us and my parents.  Then a roadmap from FC's house to our house, but he doesn't know the way as he hasn't been there yet.

Then we had the biggest roast chicken dinner you have ever set eyes on!  It was delicious and filled us all up.  The children eat really well and pretty much will eat what you give them.  Midge did stop in his tracks when he saw cauliflower on his plate and ate some of it with encouragement from FC, Mumma and Daddy.  We then played some more, Mungo played space ships with Midge and Mary played building blocks with Tidge and Squidge.  At one point we heard one of them 'trumping' so we did a nappy change.  Mummy bravely volunteered to change Squidge as we thought it was just wet and Tidge's was 'fuller'.  Well didn't I just get the shock of my life???  So after the FC had picked herself up off the floor from laughing so much, she took pity on me and I watched and took notes lol

It was then time for bed and so we did the top / tail routine, changed them into PJ's and then to bed, kissing them goodnight - bleeeeeeeessssssss!  We then had a quick chat with FC about tomorrow's activities - out on our own without the FC - oooooh!  On our way home we picked up our ironing from a very good friend who has been wonderfully supportive and deserves a special mention!  Now it's time for Mumma and Daddy to go to bed too, nite nite!


  1. Sounds like an amazing day! Hope all continues to go well tomorrow.

    All the best


  2. Hi Mary

    It has been wonderful to read your posts this week. It sounds as if things have been going really well for you all. I hope your 'solo' session today went smoothly and that you are getting used to the nappy changes! :0 full, wet and otherwise :)