Friday, 30 April 2010

30-Apr 2010

An early start, we had to be there by 8.30.  They were just finishing breakfast and so we helped feed Squidge.  After more play (a tough job!) we bundled them into the car - they seemed to enjoy being in their seats.  We drove them to a park and played on the swings and slides for over two hours.  It was lovely to be with them and without the foster carer.  This is no disrespect to the foster carer who is excellent, but it meant that we were able to see what it's like on our own.  There were no stinging insects or spilt bodily fluids this time!  AND I had my brand new changing bag with me :D Felt like a proper Mumma!  We went back to the FC for lunch and fed them, then we played until 3pm.

All the children are (after a fashion!) following our instructions and accepting that there are consequences if they don't, so we are really pleased.  They are very trusting of all adults as they just go with us without any fuss at all, which, sadly, makes our job easier - bitter-sweet stuff.  Midge seems okay to let us go because he knows we are coming back the next day.  Tidge really didn't want us to go today, but she doesn't have a concept of tomorrow so we can't explain that we will come back, so bonds are definitely forming there :)  Squidge says "Bu-bye" lots and really loudly when we leave lol

I am starting to really fall for all of them, especially Tidge, she is just gorgeous and she has my eye and hair colouring.  We had our first comment from other people today: a lady in the park commented to Daddy on Tidge and said how gorgeous she is - of course she is!  She also asked if Tidge and Squidge were twins, to which Daddy said no, they are a year apart in age.  She looked us both up and down with that look on her face of OMG!  Inside I was beaming lol

I am getting the measure of Squidge and his screaming tantrums, which only seem to appear when he is tired, so I am pleased I can work that out.  Otherwise, he is a typical 18 month old boy!  We think Midge might calm down when he is here, partly because the house where FC lives is a tiny 2-bed house.  During the day there’s the FC, the three children, the FC’s adult daughter and her baby there!

We have our first full day with them tomorrow, again without the FC during the day. We are still loving it all, in spite of nappies!!!

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